Let’s reconnect

Hello ladies,

Let’s continue on our adventure of life and faith.

It has been a while since I’ve shared. I’ve been in the process of moving my blog to a self hosted site. It took way longer than I expected!

If you would like to receive notifications again via email of my new posts, please visit me at http://www.faithandfamilywoman.com.



See you soon!

You are Fired!

Hello Ladies!

I’m trying something new today. Please check it out!

So go ahead, fire your happy maker!

Until next time, Michelle                                                                                

I want to be just like her

Have you ever compared yourself to another woman?

Felt the nagging feeling of being not enough?



The other day while on my morning jog, this girl passed me. I comforted myself by thinking she is younger and in better shape. But, oh my, an older, gray haired lady followed soon after and we were on the same pace, and then she passed me. I couldn’t believe it. I reassured myself by remembering I had worked out the previous day, my legs were sore from that intense workout, and that’s why my speed was lacking. Sigh.

All kidding aside, it is so easy to play the comparison game.

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What Do You Say?

Photo Credit: jjay69 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: jjay69 via Compfight cc

When you are down and discouraged, it is hard to say thank you.

One day when I was down in the dumps I was challenged by a friend to write a thankful list. As I began to write, warmness began to seep through my discontented heart. I looked at my life and wrote down all the blessings God had granted me. I asked for forgiveness for not appreciating His work in my life. I carry my list on my phone with me. Whenever I begin to feel down, I take it out to bring me back to a positive frame of thinking. Continue reading